Reakce: Anders Östlund

(28. 03 2017) Obdržel jsem email od zakladatele virtuálního uskupení od pana Anderse Östlunda. Bez překladu a komentáře předkládám. Očividně se přátelství Hans Georg Michael Weber a Anders Östlund po čtyřech letech rozpadlo.

I saw your post regarding Hans Weber. He was working with me on Fryday and I can say that it is a fact that he s a total conman.

Weber did not pay the franchise fees he was supposed to pay and he lied to me on a very regular basis.

I was a fool and let him go on representing Fryday longer than I should have even though I warned him several times.

So, I just want to be very clear and state that Hans Weber has been removed from Fryday and has nothing to do with our organisation any longer.

I have been working very hard over the years to establish a reputation of being honest and reliable as a business person and I hope the temporary affiliation I had with Weber has not changed this.

Best Regards,
Owner and Founder